10 Years Experience

For over 10 years, Garage Equipro have being selling and servicing automotive shop equipment, and markets products such as oil reels, air systems, lubrication systems, brake lathes, tire changers, lifts, alignment machines, and much more.

They also provide heavy duty equipment from well known manufacturers as: Hunter, Ingersoll-Rand, Rotary, Car-O-Liner, Graco, Garmat, etc.. If you need to get service or buy shop equipment, we have it for you!

Garage Equipro was founded in 2012 at USA

Garage Equipro was formed to provide the best options in auto shop equipment solutions to our customers based on your needs and with over 10 years of real-world experience..

  • The goal of many skilled auto mechanics is to open their own auto repair shop at some point in their career. However, putting up an efficient, profitable shop will require much more than mechanical skills.

    There are a number of repair equipment needs that will be essential in performing even the most basic repairs quickly and reliably for your customers, we will walk you through the best selection available.